The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar


About the ZANZIBAR PUBLIC LEADERS’ Ethics Commission

Legal Status and History:

The Zanzibar Public Leaders’ Ethics Commission (ZAPLEC) is a government agency established under section 4 of the Zanzibar Public Leaders’ Code of Ethics Act, No. 4 of 2015. The Commission started its operations in April, 2016.

The Commissioners:

The Commission consists of a Chairperson and two other Commissioners appointed by the President of Zanzibar under sections 5 and 6 of the Act. The term of office for the Chairman and commissioners is five years. However, a person may be appointed consecutively to more than one term on the Commission.


As per section 7 of the Act, the Chairperson must be a Zanzibari who is also a person of a high integrity, experience and honest having qualification to be appointed Judge of the High Court of Zanzibar. The other two Commissioners must also be Zanzibari of a high integrity, experience and honest.

A person may not be appointed a chairperson if he:

      1. ) is a member of the House of Representative or Parliament;
      2. ) is a person who has been declared bankrupt; or
      3. ) is a person who has been convicted by a court or any other disciplinary board for dishonesty or mistrust or criminal offences.